Greetings from the
Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band!

We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about the unparalleled cultural heritage and history of the Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen! Our desire is that the untold history of the African Creek Indian is presented factually through historical documents, and preserved in the pages of history.

Our website is designed to serve two purposes. First, it will serve as a resource, providing historical facts regarding the history and cultural heritage of the African Creek Indian Freedmen. Second, it will provide information regarding our plight as citizens of the Muscogee Creek Nation as it pertains to our political rights, defined by the Creek Treaty of 1866, Article 2.

In addition, educational programs will be implemented that reflect the accurate history of the African Creek Indian Freedmen. Check with us periodically for updates and calendar events that include conferences, genealogy workshops, museum exhibits, and other community projects. Don't forget to view our Little Known History tab for information regarding the history of the Creek Indian Freedmen.

The MCIFB is operated by the descendants of Creek Indian Freedmen; designated as Freedmen by the Dawes Commission in the late 1800’s.

This website is a work in progress, and we are thankful to our generous benefactors who have made it possible to present our history in this format!

Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band Board Members 
MCIFB - Board Members
Muscogee Creek Freedmen Band Board (from Left to Right) -  Sharon Lenzy - Scott (Sec)- Rhonda K. Grayson (Tres), Jeffrey D. Kennedy (VP), Ron Graham (Pres)  

Dawes Treaty